Here is a compilation of testimonials based on what we offer at Black Collar Creative

“Janine was an enthusiastic and creative liaison for my work for Gayelle the Channel, putting real effort and thought into photography sessions with presenters for promotion and overcoming sometimes recalcitrant and difficult personalities. I’d enjoy working with her again anytime.”

– Mark Lyndersay, Writer and photographer working out of Trinidad and Tobago.


“Janine is a hard worker who gets the job done. Tell her what you what done and point her in the direction, and she will deliver.”

– Errol Fabien, Co-Founder Gayelle Limited


“When Janine approached me to offer her assistance with my event, I was initially a bit skeptical because I had been burned in the past by similar offers of assistance that turned out to be self-serving and exploitative. However, I can say with the greatest confidence that Janine put any fears or skepticism to rest with her outstanding work ethic, reliability and honesty. She sincerely cares about every project that she is a part of and it shows in the quality of work that she produces. I would highly recommend her for any project without reservation.”

–  Josette James, Cosplayer, Director ALIAS Entertainment Expo


“Janine brims with enthusiasm about her work. She handles budgets of various sizes, closely analyzes the client’s product or service, and puts her nose to the grindstone to deliver sound marketing advice and strategies. For three consecutive years she helped to manage the message of COCO Dance Festival by keeping us in the limelight in both traditional and social media. To date, the promotional Vox Pop that she negotiated and co-produced for us – “How Do You Dance” – remains one of our most popular posts in the twelve-year history of the festival.  She’s a real soldier for arts promotion!”

Sonja Dumas, Co-Director, Festival Manager CoCo Dance Festival


“(Janine) worked extensively with us as our Public Relations Consultant to our Production Team on our 2015 production of ‘Mahalia, A Gospel Musical.’ We found her input and output inspiring and productive, many times going way beyond the call of her contractual arrangement. Her promotion of our production was extensive and inciteful in all media, including social media. We are forever grateful to her for her contribution to making ‘Mahalia A Gospel Musical.’ One of our most successful productions. We have no hesitation in recommending the employment of her services.”

John Henry Smith, Chairman and Creative Producer, JCS Entertainment


“Metamorphosis Dance Season 2019, Take Heart, was held at Queen’s Hall, in May 2019. Ms. Janine Charles-Farray handled three parts of the marketing campaign: Publicity and Public

Relations activities, Social Media Management and Content Creation for Social Media

Management and Promotion. Along with use of traditional media of press, radio and TV, the marketing campaign saw a very creative approach with eye catching visuals of ballet shoes as installations at 8 locations. We were very happy with the professionalism with which Janine handled all aspects of the campaign which resulted in a higher than normal awareness of the Dance Company and the Dance Season.”

– Nela Inglefield, Metamorphosis Dance Company


“Janine is a talented creative and an out-of-the-box thinker with big picture vision. Congrats to Black Collar Creative and Janine – both destined for Success!!”

– Carla Foderingham, Coordinator, Creative City Port of Spain


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Janine on a few projects over the years and most recently on the Adan Hagley Insomnia Launch project. What Janine brings to the table is a wealth of experience in the Creative Sector as a highly skilled Marketing professional, as well as a trained creative mindset. On our latest collaboration, Janine brought a visual dimension to the conversation to add value to the client’s vision and consumer experience; from conceptualizing the stage to the roll out of the event, she presented a holistic overview to tell the story. She’s an asset to your project and I highly recommend her!”

– Rachael N. Collymore, Publicist, Creative Strategist, Talent Consultant, Social Media Marketing, IP Advocate


“Janine is a great and thorough professional whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with, in multiple capacities. As a marketing wiz, she helped me when I was producing content for the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company (now FilmTT). Then as a writer, she produced an amazing article on my career. She continues to do great work in Marketing and Communications and I look forward to working with her in the future.”

– Ryan C. Khan, Film Director at Ryan C. Khan Films


“It is without hesitation I declare with conviction, that Ms Janine Charles Farray is one of the most committed and conscientious people I have worked with in the creative industry.  Her eye for details, not just creatively but strategically, makes her one of the most cherished members of the Animae Caribe Festival Board.  She brings with her a level of work ethic that has always been a challenge to source.  Her foresight and problem-solving skills come with her ability to make a dynamic and practical addition to any team.  I sincerely recommend her for any position, consultancy or project membership that would require a valuable team member or leader.”

– Camille Selvon, Programme Lead Animation Studies University of Trinidad and Tobago. Director Animae Caribe Festival


“If you need HONEST and EXPERIENCED strategic assistance DESIGNED to lead you and/or your business to a desired goal, there is NO ONE more suited for this task than Janine Charles-Farray.  If, after you are on the right path, you begin to experience the normal bumps of conducting business  and you need fine tuning of your objectives and strategic initiatives, RETURN to Ms. Janine Charles-Farray,  she will help you make your business processes LEAN, and your strategy FOOL-PROOF.”

 – Lawrence J. Chestnut, Business Analyst at MUGF


“Working Janine is a pure joy. She is professional, creative, and self-motivated. During our time working together she has proven herself to be an asset to any team she is a part of; having the qualities of an all-round team player, as well as a leader. I’d recommend working with Janine without hesitation.”

– Dionne McNicol Stephenson, Demystifier and Connector of Creative Industries


“I’ve worked with Janine on a few projects and the one thing that stood out for me is that she always held the team to having clarity of thought. Janine instilled professionalism into these teams by insisting that thoughts and arguments be well thought out and supported by justifications. The results of which were less loose comments that had very little thought behind them and more productive conversations that pushed the teams towards excellence.”

– Graham Dumbell, Marketing and Communications Consultant


“As Marketing Officer at Gayelle the Channel, Janine had a clear understanding of the goals which her activities had to attain for the Sales Department to effectively maximize their goals. Ms. Charles Farray was a pillar of support to the team. Her ability to conceptualize, develop and implement new products, was key to our goals being achieved- and she executed her duties with maturity, understanding and a smile on her face. She was always willing to rise to any challenge thrown at her by the Sales Team and went beyond the call of her duties at Gayelle the Channel. Janine’s mantra seemed to be ” Let’s see how I can make it happen.” I will recommend Janine, as she is a go-getter, and takes initiative with her tasks.”

– Samantha Rochard, Sales Manager Boom Champions 94.1FM, Lit 102.3FM and POWER 102 Digital


“Janine Charles is an efficient, hard-working and dedicated to the task person, who is full of cutting-edge ideas and willing to go the extra mile.”

– Francis Escayg, CEO Cause An Effect


“I met Janine whilst working for the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company as a contracted provider for the company’s Secondary Schools Film Competition. I found her to be a well-organized individual who tried her best to keep everyone up to speed on the expectations of the competition. Janine seems to be a very dedicated person who demonstrates all the qualities of sound business practice.”

– Stephen Lee Pow, Owner, Stephen Lee Pow Productions


“Janine stayed on top of the details for the Television Film Festival with the Independent Producers as well as being present for many meetings with fledgling filmmakers and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company.”

– Mandisa Pantin, Tesfaya Media


“They’re some people you look forward to working with on projects, Janine is one of them, consummate professional, attentive to details, hard worker who is passionate about every project she’s behind, and with a wonderful bubbly welcoming personality, an asset to any organisation she aligns herself to.”

– Princess Donelan, Producer at 2 Peas in a Pod Productions


“Janine was always pleasant diligent and competitive.. very assertive in a very positive way”

– Christopher Hagley, Human Resource Analyst (Learning and Development) at Petrotrin



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